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Intuitive Energy Healing

Beyond Reiki-

"Intuitive Energy Healing assists you in reconnecting with your Highest Self- your Spirit. Bodywork and energy work is used to transport you deep within, helping you remember and reconnect with your highest knowing and personal truth. Beyond concepts and words, bathed in profound stillness, you may become more open to healing.

You may experience healing from generational patterns or past, pre-birth or present life trauma. You may feel clearer and more open to life. You may feel waves of love energy, see colors or visions, or sense chakra healing through Reiki and other chakra work. (Chakras are energy centers within, each correlating to themes such as safety/belonging, relationships/emotions/creativity, honoring self, love, expression, truth/knowing/intuition, and higher consciousness.) 

Many people experience a deep peace and stillness. Some have experienced connections with loved ones on the other side. The work may continue for days or weeks in which time you may feel more in the present moment, experience shifts, have meaningful dreams, drop old patterns, receive new insights, ideas or solutions.

I may experience visions from your guides and will share these messages and medicine with you. 

This state of Being helps you release that which is no longer needed and embrace a new way of being.  Every experience is unique. May you experience Yourself as you truly are- A magnificent Being of Light and Love."

This intuitive work is done within the energy of Ama Deus, the ancient healing energy work of the Guarani people of the Amazon jungle.

It can be integrated into a massage session or stand alone as an Intuitive Energy Healing session (in which case, you may remain fully clothed). If you’d like to try it, just ask; I will incorporate it into the last ten minutes of your usual massage session.  

YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE!  Because Intuitive Energy Healing is not bound by space or time, it can be done with the client and practitioner in two different places (distance session). I will not be able to incorporate the physical bodywork, but distance sessions can be just as powerful. (some clients say, "more so") You can be anywhere on the planet. Follow up call is included, offering verbal integration and any intuitive information I may have received during the session.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

3/4 hour in studio $70  (35 min)

1 hour in studio $85 (50 min)      

Distance Session and follow up call $135

REVIEW   “My distance Intuitive Energy Healing session was incredible! Through relaxation and Jean's calm and loving presence I was able to experience something amazing. I felt a shift and healing in some very deep areas of my soul where I have been stuck, in deep pain and looking for answers for many years. I physically felt waves of warm healing light and wrote down words I will keep with me forever. Jean is an intuitive soul who can simply walk you to the place where healing can happen. I don't easily trust people and have never done this type of work before but Jean is trustworthy, loving and caring. She is a worthy, insightful soul and can be trusted in her practice. If you get the chance to experience a distance energy session, it will be just what your soul needs.”   Anna, Tucson, AZ

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Intuitive Energy Healing is not to be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Any  person experiencing injury, illness or disease- whether physical, mental or emotional- is urged to seek medical attention.


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