Intuitive Energy Healing

May you experience Yourself as you truly are- a magnificent Being of Light and Love.

Beyond concepts and words, bathed in profound stillness... come experience a Love transfusion.

Rather than scanning and discerning "what needs to be healed," I approach each person in awe and reverence. You are a powerful Being! I tune into Divine Love Energy, amplify it in my body and transmit it to you, so that you may sense the majesty and beauty of your own Being. When we see and feel ourselves as we truly are- with unconditional self love- this is true healing.


Beyond Reiki-

I invite your guides to lead the session, communicating with my guides. We may be facilitating generational healing, past & present life trauma healing, or chakra energy healing. Sometimes your guides show me "the medicine." This may be you doing what makes your soul sing, what gives you joy, what heals you. Sometimes I see an animal companion, a healing energy accompanying you. 

I am trained, initiated and working in the energy of Ama Deus, beautiful and powerful shamanic energy healing work of the Guarani shamans of the Amazon jungle.


YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE!  Because energy work is not bound by space or time, it can be done with the client and practitioner in two different places (distance session). These distance sessions can be just as powerful as in person. (some clients say, "more so") You can be anywhere on the planet. A follow up call is included, facilitating integration and sharing any intuitive information I may have received during the session.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Intuitive Energy Healing is not to be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Any  person experiencing injury, illness or disease- whether physical, mental or emotional- is urged to seek medical attention.

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